Upgrading and/or regenerating electric public transport systems

Pillar B: Innovative energy storage systems to increase operational efficiency

The activities within this pillar aim to optimise energy management at sub-stations. In order to achieve this goal, ELIPTIC use cases try to incorporate recuperating braking energy and charging solutions for e-buses as well as other e-vehicles. They also identify the potential of using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in order to manage energy in a smart and more efficient way (by using, for instance, smart energy networks and real time information). Similarly to Pillar A as well as the Pillar C, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are tested in relevant environments for increased operational and energy efficiency, for example light rail tram operation on rail tracks for rural PT or flywheel energy storage device in trolleybus/tram sub-station and reversible sub-station for light rail.

Use cases developed within this pillar:

  • Recuperation of braking energy from trams: Refurbishment of a flywheel energy storage system (Bremen, DE)
  • Optimised braking energy recovery in light rail network (Brussels, BE)
  • Light rail (tram) operation for rural rail track (Lanciano, IT)