Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure

Pillar C: Multi-purpose use of electric PT infrastructure

ELIPTIC aims to define how the existing electric public transport infrastructure (trolleybus, metro and tram sub-stations) could be used as charging infrastructure for other non e-bus electric vehicles (pedelecs, e-cars/ taxis, e-vans and e-utility trucks). For safe integration of electric vehicles into existing infrastructure or energy network, different approaches are being developed which, taking into account the vehicle type. Similarly to Pillar A as well as Pillar B, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are being tested in relevant environments, for instance a sub-station of the future for multi-purpose infrastructure use.

Use cases developed within this pillar:

  • From uniqueness to system: Extension of existing multimodal mobility hub station (Bremen, DE)
  • Use of metro sub-station for (re)charging TfL fleet vehicles (e-cars & e-vans) and zero-emission capable taxis (London, UK)
  • Use of metro/tram infrastructure for recharging e-cars (municipal fleet and private e-cars) (Barcelona, ES)
  • Use of tram network sub-station for (re)charging e-vehicles (Leipzig, DE)
  • Fast-charging stations for e-cars powered from the tram network (Oberhausen, DE)
  • Multipurpose use of infrastructure for (re)charging trolley-hybrids & e-vehicles (Szeged, HU)