Thematic Pillars

The ELIPTIC end products will be based on the 20 use cases in the three ELIPTIC thematic pillars:

  1. Safe integration of ebuses into existing electric public transport infrastructure in the areas of:
    • (re)charging ebuses “en route” (e.g. trolleybus operated on tram infrastructure) or on the spot (battery buses/ hybrids charged from trolleybus, tram, metro network);
    • Upgrading trolleybus networks with battery buses or trolley hybrids (diesel bus substitution);
    • Automatic wiring/de-wiring technology (catenary-free trolleybus operation).
  2. Upgrading and/or regenerating electric public transport systems (flywheel, reversible substations)
  3. Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure: safe (re)charging of non-public transport vehicles (pedelecs, electric cars/ taxis, utility trucks).