Launch of the ELIPTIC policy recommendations

As one of the main outcomes of the ELIPTIC - Electrification of Public Transport in Cities project, the ELIPTIC policy recommendations have been published. The document is a summary of the lessons learnt around ELIPTIC's main research question on how to make more efficient use of the existing public transport infrastructure for the charging of non-rail-bound electric vehicles.

The ELIPTIC policy recommendations informs policy makers, operators and authorities about important challenges encountered within the project and gives recommendations concerning what is required to better allow for the multi-purpose use of public transport infrastructure. The document brings together the different results achieved across the various technological concepts looked at in ELIPTIC such as opportunity charging of electric buses through the use of existing local tram/ metro grids, the operation of battery-equipped trolleybuses by making use of a, so called, in-motion charging (IMC) approach or charging of electric car fleets outside of public transport's peak times to make more efficient use of the grid's capacities.

In the document readers can find out about existing technical, legal and regulatory problems that currently pose a barrier to the implementation and further take-up of multi-purpose use of public transport infrastructure concepts. Based on the experiences made by the ELIPTIC use case cities and operators, relevant issues that would need to be addressed in order to remove the many uncertainties public transport operators currently face when dealing with this topic are highlighted. Finally, the policy recommendations provide a checklist for public transport operators who would like to make more efficient use of their grids and provide energy for the charging of other, non-rail-bound vehicles.

We would like to thank all ELIPTIC partners for their good work in the project and for providing valuable contributions to the brochure!

The brochure is provided below in the download section.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018