Eleven twin cities selected to join ELIPTIC

A call was widely circulated in August and September to select the ELIPTIC “Twin cities” in addition to the eleven partner cities already in the project. Out of over 22 applications, the ELIPTIC Project Management Group selected 11 to join ELIPTIC as twin cities.

  • Birmingham
  • Bucharest
  • Cagliari
  • Dublin
  • Madrid
  • Maribor
  • Oradea
  • Potsdam
  • Prague
  • Rotterdam
  • Tampere

The ELIPTIC twinning fund aims at supporting the take-up of ELIPTIC’s sustainable measures with regard to electrification of public transport in European cities. The twinning fund is a financing mechanism within the ELIPTIC project which aims to support the transfer of measures from ELIPTIC partner cities to twin cities.

Together with the eleven ELIPTIC partner cities, the twins will have the opportunity to develop two different types of activities, which range from inspirational - such as workshops and study tours - to small-scale study activities. The twins will also take part in the bi-annual ELIPTIC User Fora.

Twin activities are expected to start with the participation in ELIPTIC’s first User Forum on 13 November 2015 in Berlin at the latest and shall be finalized within 18 months after their commencement (besides participation in the final ELIPTIC event and last User Forum in May 2018 in Bremen).

Tuesday, October 13, 2015