Lanciano is a medieval town located in on the hills in central Italy. Due to its historical old town and beautiful landscape around, Lanciano is a popular tourist destination. 
In the project: The ELIPTIC activities in Lanciano are led by Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana.
ELIPTIC use cases in Lanciano:

Pillar B - Light rail (tram) operation for rural rail track

The use case explores the possibility to implement a new urban tramway system by upgrading the existing rail network of the Ferrovia Sangritana. The aim of the use case is to provide an urban tram way through the use of train routes of the Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana with the intention to use the railway line San Vito Marina - Lanciano - Crocetta for tram-type services. The study’s results will show such a system can increase the accessibility of inland areas and the relationships between neighbouring towns by public transport, discourage car use and improve local air quality.