Eberswalde is located 50 km from Berlin and often referred to Waldstadt (forest town) because of large forests in the vicinity. Small and charming, Eberswalde attracts tourists with its outdoor activities in the nature.
Public transport in Eberswalde: Eberswalde boasts one of the three existing in Germany trolleybus systems. The city public transport network includes also bus service.
In the project: The ELIPTIC activities in Eberswalde are led by BBG with support of FRAUNHOFER.
ELIPTIC use cases in Eberswalde:

Pillar A - Replacing diesel bus lines by extending trolleybus network with trolley-hybrids [including demo of automatic (de)wiring]

Within the ELIPTIC project, the possibilities for using the existing catenary network for the fully electric operation of regional transport buses are to be evaluated. The study is conducted on bus line 910 (Finowfurt-Eberswalde) equipped with a catenary in 70% of the route. The main aims of the Use Case are merging two trolleybus lines in an efficient and passenger-friendly way, elaborating the concept that describes the electrical implications (e.g. necessary energy content of the on board storage unit, recharging possibilities within the existing catenary network and necessary retrofitting of the existing catenary network to cover the additional charging power) as well as testing a system for automated wiring of the pantographs.