Bremen is an industrial and commercial city situated in north-western Germany. As one of the Hanseatic cities and major ports on the river Weser, it has played an important role in European trade. 
Public transport in Bremen: The public transport traffic is generated not only by residents, but also by numerous commuters. Trams and buses in Bremen transport in total 103 million people every year. 
In the project: ELIPTIC activities in Bremen are led by BSAG, and include Berends Consult as support partner, and the City of Bremen. 
ELIPTIC use cases in Bremen:

Pillar A - Operation-optimized system of opportunity charging at bus depots

BSAD will test two high capacity e-buses (12m and 18m) in regular operation with the aim to reduce fossil fuel consumption and electrify the fleet. The buses use fast charging technology at the depots and are equipped with a logistic system that manages charging according to the bus operational schedule. During the trial, energy consumption, noise control and the economic value of the operating e-buses are evaluated in order to estimate potential impacts of wider introduction of e-buses.

Pillar B - Recuperation of braking energy from trams: Refurbishment of a flywheel energy storage system

Reuse of the trams braking power is one of the ways to reduce their power demands. Stationary flywheel energy storage systems can help to use the braking energy more efficiently. One of them was installed Bremen in a tram sub-station in 2012. In this use case the existing system will be analysed and, as the next step, updated to ensure its regular operation. 

Pillar C - From uniqueness to system: Extension of existing multimodal mobility hub station

The aim of this use case is to extend the public transport services with a readily available and at the same time environmentally friendly mobility services. Following the example of the hub stations developed in the Vahr social housing area in 2014, which combined PT services (tram and bus) with new options: e-car sharing and bike rental, the stakeholders will set up a new hub stations offering new services.