The ELIPTIC project’s main objective is to show how costs and energy can be saved by electrifying public transport and optimising the use of existing infrastructure and rolling stock. It is being achieved through developing new and innovative use concepts and business cases within three thematic pillars:

  • safe integration of e-buses using existing electric public transport infrastructure – read more 
  • innovative energy storage systems for rail to increase operational efficiency  – read more
  • multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure – read more

The new solutions connect traditionally separated domains, which aims to strengthen the position of electric public transport, lead to a further significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption and improve local air quality through reduced local emissions. At the later stage, ELIPTIC will actively support take-up of these business cases and exploitation of project results across Europe.

ELIPTIC also advocates electric public transport sector at the political level and helps to develop political support for the electrification of public transport across Europe.