ELIPTIC aims to develop new concepts and business cases in order to optimise existing electric public transport infrastructure and rolling stock, saving both money and energy. The project strengthens the role of electric public transport, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption and improved air quality.

ELIPTIC will focus on the use of existing electric public transport systems (including light rail, metro, tram and trolleybus) for the electrification of multimodal mobility approaches in the urban, sub-urban and also less urban context. The overall concept and main assumption underpinning ELIPTIC is that further take-up of electric vehicles can be supported cost-efficiently by integrating existing electric public transport infrastructure for multi-purpose use.

To achieve this goal, ELIPTIC will analyse 20 concepts within 11 cities (Barcelona, Bremen, Brussels, Eberswalde, Gdynia, Lanciano, Leipzig, London, Oberhausen, Szeged and Warsaw) and in three thematic pillars.

The project will support the uptake and exploitation of results by developing guidelines and tools for upgrading and regenerating electric public transport systems. ELIPTIC also advocates for an electric public transport sector at the political level and helps develop political support across Europe.